Singing Waiters

Back in 1967/68, a member of the Poynton Male Voice Choir was also a member of the committee of the High Lane Conservative Club. When he and his colleagues decided to organise a Sunday evening concert, he asked five or six other members of the choir to join him in a singing group to take part in the show. We are not quite sure who thought up the name, but white shirts, black trousers, bow-ties, trays, pinnies and tea-towels were hastily assembled and the Singing Waiters were born. It was supposed to be a ‘one-off’ engagement but someone in the audience that Sunday evening asked if this new group would take part in a show which he was organising in Marple. The same thing happened in Marple and other requests started to roll in. The Waiters were now on the road! Here we are some fifty years later still giving many shows each year.

If anyone would like the Singing Waiters to sing at a function, please contact us by email at

or phone 0161 456 4266.

Adding these performances to main choir engagements and bearing in mind the other personal commitments of each one of the singers, it is sometimes difficult to get together a balanced group. So we have tried to overcome this problem by increasing our ‘squad’ to 16, so that even if some are unable to turn out we still have enough to put on a decent show. The fees that we charge all go into the main choir funds, and in this way, the Singing Waiters have typically contributed about £600 each year. This amount has helped to cover past choir costs associated with purchase of new music and a new rehearsal piano. We usually have engagements booked up to six months ahead, and even up to a year ahead for Christmas shows.

Our Engagments for 2024

9th of May at 2pm - Cheadle Manor Care Home

7th of June at 1.30pm  - Heaton Moor United Church Dementia Group

11th of June at 1.45pm - Upton Grange Care Home, Macclesfield

28th of July at 2pm - Brookdale Theatre Club, Bramhall

2nd August (evening) - Brian's 70th Birthday Party at St Peter's RC Church, Hazel Grove